Unity Quickstart

Set up your Unity Project
  • Unity 2020.3 - 2022.2
  • Anything World Account Details
  • Anything World SDK
Please note: This package is not compatible out of the box with the previous (Classic) versions of Anything World. Contact us on Discord or email if you have a project that needs migrating.
If you're completely new to Unity it might be a good idea to learn a bit about the Unity interface. The first 6 videos in the Unity essentials series are a great way to pick up the basics.
Once you've got the basics down, follow this guide and see how to get started with creating 3D content in Unity!

Create your Anything World Account

Create an account through the Anything World website to get access to the Anything World SDK for Unity.
Our REST API requires a unique developer API key for authentication in order to allow make APIs calls.

Set up the Anything World SDK

Step 1: Download the latest Unity Anything World SDK from the My Account page on the Anything World website.
Step 2: Open the project with version Unity 2020, 2021, or 2022. Open Window dropdown then Package Manager and change the Package dropdown option to “Unity Registry.”
Select the Windows dropdown in the top navigation bar, then select Package Manager.
Select the Packages button then select the Unity Registry option.
Step 3: Install the Editor Coroutines, Universal RP, and NewtonSoft Json Packages.
Editor Coroutines:
Editor Coroutines can be found in the Unity Registry of the Package Manager.
Newtonsoft Json:
The Newtonsoft Json package may fail to appear in the Unity Registry Package Manager. If this is the case select the "+" icon in the top right corner of the package manage and select the "Add package from git URL" option. Enter com.unity.nuget.newtonsoft-json in the search bar then select the add button.
Select the plus button in the top right corner of the package manager panel.
Input com.unity.nuget.newtonsoft-json in the git URL to receive the Newtonsoft Json nuget package.
Universal RP:
Universal RP can be found in the Unity Registry of the Package Manager.
Step 4: Import the AnythingWorld.unitypackage file into the project.
Step 5: The Anything World Unity package contains a pre-built Universal Render Pipeline Asset. Select the Edit button from the Unity top navigation bar then select Project Settings and navigate to the Graphics section. Add the URP Asset to the Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings.
Select the Edit dropdown menu and select the Project Settings option.
Navigate to Graphic settings, select the circle button within the Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings, then select the existing Universal Render Pipeline Asset available.
For the best experience it is recommended to add the following shaders provided by the Anything World SDK to the 'Always Included Shaders' section within the Graphic settings
  • Standard (Metallic)
  • Standard (Specular)
  • Standard Transparent (Metallic)
  • Standard Transparent (Specular)
If there are not enough elements available then please increase the Size parameter to include the listed shaders. It is not recommended to change the existing shaders unless you have experience with this.
Change the number in the Size parameter to increase the amount of elements.
The Shaders can be found by selecting the button on the right side of the element list and searching for 'Standard'
These shaders can be found within the Project panel by navigating to AnythingModels > GltfPipeline > GLTFUtility > GltfLoader > Materials > URP.
Step 7: Select the Anything World dropdown menu and open the Anything Browser. Log in using your Anything World account with your email and password. Two new panels will appear after signing in, the Anything Browser and the My World panels.
The Anything World dropdown menu will appear in the toolbar at the top after importing the AnythingWorld.unitypackage.
The Login | Sign Up panel will appear when selecting the Anything Browser option from the Anything World drop down menu.
The Anything Browser and My World panels will display after successfully logging in.
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