🤖AI Creator

Get Started with using our AI Creator system


  • Unity 2020.3 - 2022.2

  • Anything World Account Credentials

  • Anything World SDK

  • Optional: Microphone

Please note: This package is not compatible out of the box with the previous (Classic) versions of Anything World. Contact us on discord or email if you have a project that needs migrating.

Setting Up AI Creator

The AI Creator panel allows users to convert verbal or text input into real time Unity scene creation using our extensive repository of models and auto-rigging functionality.

AI Creator comes installed in our latest Anything World SDK package, see our Unity Quickstart guide to setup our Anything World SDK before using the AI Creator.

After completing the Unity Quickstart guide, simply open the Anything World menu from the top tool bar and select the AI Creator option to access the AI Creator panel.

Getting Start with AI Creator

Our AI Creator panel provides two methods for users to give input

  • The microphone button activates the recording feature which converts verbal commands to text for ease of access in adding, removing, and moving models in the active scene during editor mode or at runtime.

  • The text field provides the same functionality in enabling users to give written commands to add, remove, or move models from our extensive model database.

Valid Commands:

Currently our AI Creator supports commands that will enable users to:

  • Add one or several models to the active scene

  • Move one model to a specified location

  • Remove one or several models from the active scene


Add commands:

  • Create one cat

  • Add five chickens

Move commands:

  • Move one chicken here

  • Move the cat to the left of the chicken

Remove commands:

  • Remove the cat

  • Delete five chickens

Valid Modifiers:

Quantity Modifier:

  • Add five gorillas

  • Remove three cats

Relative Location Modifier:

  • Add one car here

  • Move one gorilla above the car

  • Create one cat to the right of the car

  • Add one human to the left of the car

  • Create a snake below the car

Multiple actions can be requested in a single command


  • Add one cat and one human

  • Add a bumblebee and move the cat here

  • Remove the human and move the bumblebee above the cat

AI Creator Panel

The AI Creator panel features several buttons to make the creation process more streamlined.

Microphone Input:

The Microphone button enables the recording functionality which allows users to convert verbal commands to real-time scene creation and manipulation using our extensive 3D model database within a Unity scene. Select the microphone button once to enable the recording session and select the same button again to submit the verbal request.

Text Input and Submission:

The Text box provides an alternative method of providing input to our AI Creator for creation and manipulation our repository of 3D assets. To use the text box, type the request and select the submit button.

The Results dropdown will display the input received and provide a list of actions that AI Creator will take to fulfill the desired request. Selecting the dropdown will display additional information regarding the action, the type of model, and the quantity of the models requested.

Once the request has been processed, the Make button will appear to the right of the requested model allowing the user to add one model at a time.

Make All Button and Auto Option:

When users provide multiple commands, they may select the Make All button to add, remove, or change the position of the desired model within the scene. Additionally, the Auto checkbox will automatically create, manipulate, or delete the models of the scene without requiring the user to verify the list of commands.

Grid Options:

Selecting the Gird Options button will open a secondary panel containing the same grid settings found in the Transform Settling panel. The Grid options can be used to specify the spacing between models inserted via the AI Creator. Make sure to select the Apply button to ensure the settings were saved before proceeding in adding more assets to your scene.

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