Anything World for Unity v3.1.19

This release brings in a ton of new features such as support for model serialisation, extending our material loader to support more complex runtime material loading and as always performance and stability improvements across the board.

Changelog [3.1.19] - 2022-04-06


  • Added interface to define default shaders for AW model creation (Anything Settings)

  • Added extended support for different types of texture maps in material loader, shaders.

  • Added session logging.

  • Added model serialization.

  • Added tiling offset support for base maps.

  • Error logs for missing URP/HDRP when opening Creator/trying to create a model.


  • Optimized and consolidated editor textures.

  • Updated various interfaces in the Anything Creator, Settings and Login/Sign Up panels.

  • Changed default shaders from HLSL to Shader Graph.

  • Changed some joint parameters for quadrupeds and quadruped-ungulate.

  • Default Anything World shaders now automatically load in when not defined in the settings panel.


  • Fixed bug that caused voice panel to break under certain conditions.

  • Fixed problem with winged waddling creatures' wings to migrate away from the body.

  • Patched Unity bug that prevents transparent materials from being instantiated at runtime correctly.

  • Fixed model attribution generation to prevent duplicates and update more quickly.

  • Fixed issue where Anything Setup would be duplicated on deletion and undoing action.

  • Platform dependent compilation for Unity 2021 editor compatibility.

  • Fixed and improved flocking generation.

  • Fixed habitat generation.

  • Fixed bug with grid system.

  • Fixes to bugs when loading some OBJs with non-decimal scientific notation.

  • Fixes to voice.

  • Fixed transparency handling in MTL loader to prefer D over Tr (3ds Max specific

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