⚙️Troubles Updating? Upgrade Guide

Upgrading to Version

If you are upgrading to Anything World for Unity v1.1.0.1, some files have been reorganized, renamed, or deleted. As such, some files when imported might not be where they should be. This can be remedied by you deleting certain files and folders from the package, which are outlined below.

Note: Best practice when deleting these files and folders is to do so prior to importing a package! This might produce some errors, but these errors should all be remedied on import.

Make sure to delete these files!

  • AnythingWorld/AnythingEditor/Editor/TransformSettings.cs

  • AnythingWorld/AnythingEditor/Editor/GridSettingsEditor.cs

  • AnythingWorld/Resources/Settings/DefaultBehaviours.asset

Make sure to delete these folders!

  • AnythingWorld/AnythingUtilities/AnythingUtilities.Editor/VersionChecker

  • AnythingWorld/AnythingEditor/Editor/Resources

  • AnythingWorld/AnythingAnimation

Another solution to ensure a clean slate would be to delete the full package and to reimport the new version. Although this brings forth the version that we tested here at Anything World, this does mean that your settings would be deleted, and that on import would need to log into your account again.

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