Anything World for Unreal v1.1.0.0EA


[] - 2023-08-24


  • Ability to package the plugin with a project's executable.

  • Added vehicle loading, which constructs Blueprints for their components. Cars now have rotational wheel animation.

  • Added standard behaviours (replacing temporary ones) using behaviour trees that are applied by default to models spawned via the AW Browser. This update includes random movement behaviours aware of collisions for walking creatures, flying creatures and driving vehicles, as well as target-following behaviours and spline-following behaviours (allowing to either generate a spline dynamically or to follow a pre-made one) for all those categories.

  • Made character classes, animation blueprints and their state machines (with blending) more standard and easy to customize.

  • Added UI views that we had in the Unity package but not yet in Unreal: "My World" view (where users can find their liked models and manage their model collections) and "Make Options" panel (with all the functionality that allows to customize how models are spawned into the map from the AW browser, including grid positioning setup, attachment, collision and physics options, etc.).

  • Multiple optimizations, such as in the loading of model buttons when the user performs a search in the AW browser.

  • Ensured compatibility with Unreal Engine 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2.

  • Added Mac support for the plugin (the previous version was only released for Windows).


  • Fixed several bugs, including some related to UI windows, animation loading and model browser button URLs expiring after some time.

Download v1.1.0.0EA in our website.

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