🔨Building Your Project

Some pointers about building for Unity while using Anything World.

1. Included Shaders

When building projects that only use the runtime scripting API Unity will cull shaders that are not in use, so it's recommended to go to Project Settings > Graphics and add the default shaders used in the AW pipeline.

  • Standard (Metallic)

  • Standard (Specular)

  • Standard Transparent (Metallic)

  • Standard Transparent (Specular)

If there are not enough elements available then please increase the Size parameter to include the listed shaders. It is not recommended to change the existing shaders unless you have experience with this.

2. MacOS Microphone Permissions

Some platforms including mobile and MacOS require a Microphone Usage description for builds that include microphone usage, this will usually be shown to users in a popup format when requesting microphone access.

To do this, navigate to Project Settings > Player > Other Settings > Mac Configuration > Microphone Usage Description.

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