🧊Animate Anything Blender Add-on Manual

Welcome to the “Animate Anything Blender” add-on, a tool designed to simplify and automate the rigging and animation process in Blender.

This add-on leverages cloud-based AI technology to generate rigs and animations for a wide variety of objects, including bipedal characters, animals, and more. Whether you’re a professional animator or a hobbyist, this tool is crafted to enhance your productivity and creativity.


  • Blender (version 2.83 or newer recommended).

  • Active internet connection for cloud-based processing.


  • Automatic Rigging: Automatically create rigs for various types of objects, streamlining the animation preparation process.

  • Animation Generation: Generate animations for bipedal characters, animals, and more, using AI algorithms.

  • Cloud-Based AI Processing: Utilize a powerful cloud-based system to process animations efficiently.

Installation Guide

  1. Downloading the Add-on:

    • We offer a pre-packaged zip file for straightforward installation available directly on our website. For this download method, navigate to your profile page on the Anything World website, where you will find the option to download the Blender add-on. As an alternative download option, you may want to check our repository on Github, but note that you will still need an Anything World account to use it.

  2. Opening Blender:

    • Launch Blender and navigate to the Edit menu on the top bar.

  3. Installing the Add-on:

    • Select Preferences, then the Add-ons tab.

    • Click on the Install button and browse to locate the downloaded add-on file (AnimateAnythingBlenderAddon.zip).

    • Select the file and click Install Add-on.

  4. Activating the Add-on:

    • In the Add-ons list, find “Animate Anything Blender” and check the checkbox next to its name to enable it.

    • Click on the Save Preferences button to apply the changes.

  5. API Key:

    • Obtain your API Key from the Anything World account dashboard.

    • Enter the API Key in the add-on’s settings within Blender to activate the cloud-based processing feature (press enter after filling the API Key)

    Usage Instructions

    1. Selecting an Object:

      • In your Blender project, select the object you wish to process.

    2. Accessing the Menu:

      • Navigate to the Animate Anything menu, located on the right-hand side panel.

    3. Model Setup:

      • Choose the name your model to future reference.

      • Specify the model type. The model type needs to be chosen with specific criteria for example: - Person: "man", “woman”, "child" or "human". - Animal: “cat” , "ant” or "dog". - Fictional two-legged character: "character" if it has humanoid looks, "cartoon character" if cartoony. - Fictional four-legged character: the species of a similar animal, such as "horse" instead of "unicorn". If you can't find a similar animal, use "quadruped". - Object or plant: "box" instead of "storage box", or simply "tree" instead of "palm tree".

      • The model must be in one of the already available categories. Please check the supported ones in this page (on the bottom). It's important to also mention that the system constraints can be found in the same page, and we have aditional examples in the "prepare your model" and "getting the best results" pages.

      • Providing the model in the correct rotation is an essential requirement to get a good result of the processing. Please, check the rotation required for Blender twice over here.

      • The symmetricity of the model needs to be specified accurately, with minimal asymmetries being tolerated as symmetric. It's important to note that massive asymmetries have poorer support.

      • Check if the model selected is the parent of all wanted other model parts (if they exist).

      • Please Answer if the model belongs to you and please add your name in the field.

      • Please check any additional questions in the right side of the window.

    4. Uploading for Processing:

      • Click on the Upload button to send your model to the cloud for AI processing.

      • A status text below will indicate the processing status.

    5. Importing and Downloading:

      • Once processing is complete, the animation will be automatically imported into your Blender scene.

      • Depending on the model type selected during the selection, your model will follow one of three paths.

        • Animation Workflow: You will receive a rigged humanoid or animal with some animations side by side on the scene.

        • Parts Workflow: You've uploaded a vehicle such as a car or bike you will receive a car or bike with wheels in the correct position and correct hierarchy.

        • Static Workflow: You will receive an object that does not have animations such as an object or flora.

      • If necessary, use the Download button to re-download the animation or if the initial processing takes longer than expected.


    • Installation Issues: Ensure Blender is updated to a compatible version. If the add-on does not appear after installation, try restarting Blender.

    • API Key Errors: Double-check your API Key for accuracy, remember to press enter after write it down in the setup field. If problems persist, contact support.

    • Animation Processing Delays: Delays may occur due to server load. If excessive, attempt re-uploading or check your internet connection.


    This project is under the MIT License, allowing for great freedom in the use and distribution of the software while ensuring that the original authors are credited.

    Contact Information

    For questions, suggestions, or support, please reach out to us via email at support@anything.world . We are eager to hear from the community and welcome feedback to improve the “Animate Anything Blender” add-on.


    • FAQs

      • Q: Can I use this add-on for commercial projects?

        • A: Yes, the MIT License allows for commercial use.

        • Q: What types of animations can be generated?

        • A: The add-on supports a wide range of animations, including bipedal movements, animal locomotion, and more.

    • Glossary

      • Rigging: The process of creating the bone structure of a 3D model to allow for animation.

      • AI Processing: The use of artificial intelligence algorithms to automate tasks, such as animation generation.

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