🏃Unity Quickstart - Classic Version

Set up your Unity Project

If you're completely new to Unity it might be a good idea to learn a bit about the Unity interface. The first 6 videos in the Unity essentials series is a great way to pick up the basics.

Once you've got the basics down, follow this guide and see how to get started with creating 3D content in Unity!

1. Get your Developer API key

Sign-in to the developer portal to get your API Key! Get your unique developer API key from the dashboard.

Our REST API requires a unique developer API key for authentication in order to allow make APIs calls.

2. Setup Anything World SDK

Step 1: Download the latest Unity Anything World SDK

📦pageDownload SDK

Anything World currently provides Unity SDK. Unreal SDK will be coming soon.

Step 2: Open the project with Unity 2019.4 or above.

Step 3: Install the Editor Coroutines and Universal RP packages using the Unity Package Manager.

Step 4: Import the Anything World.unitypackage file into the project.

Step 5: Add the API: Anything World > Settings

Step 6: Open Test Scene: Assets > Anything World > Scenes > TestArea to get your creativity going!

You can also add the AnythingSetup prefab directly to any existing scene. Find the prefab: Assets > Anything World > Prefabs > Resources > AnythingSetup.prefab drag it out to Hierarchy Panel.

Step 7: Find a 3D model you like to see: Anything World > Anything Creator > Object Creator type in the name of the model for example: "Zebra" and select the one you like to see.

Looking for ideas on what to search for? How about: "Cat", "llama", "plane", "snake", "shark", "bee", "car"!

Step 8: Hit Play and see it come to life!

With Anything World you can make 3D objects stream even at the runtime. Try it out!

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