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Get started with Animate Anything in Unreal Engine.

Animate Anything is our tool to bring your static 3D models to life. With our AI-based approach we can automate the rigging and animation steps of a humanoid, an animal and many other types of models. You may find the complete tool in our website https://app.anything.world/animation-rigging. In addition, we have integrated it with our plugin for Unreal Engine (with a reduced set of options) so that any mesh in your project can be easily submited for processing and get back the processed model ready to use for your game.

Getting started with Animate Anything

After setting up the Anything world SDK, you can access the Animate Anything tool through the Anthing World menu from the top tool bar and select the Animate Anything option.

This brings up the Animate Anything interface as shown below. We'll cover every section in the interface to explain how you can get your models animated in minutes.

Model Name

Here you are requested to input the name of the model. This name will be used to identify your model and it will be shown in My World panel, under the User Processed tab.

Model Type

Here you can input the type of model you are submitting, human, cat, car are some of the accepted options. You can get more information about this by clicking on the question icon to the left of the title and the model processing contraints, above the Upload button.


Here you can select the model you wish to animate. Notice that Unreal will allow you to select any asset but only Static Meshes and Skeletal Meshes will be accepted as valid assets.

Model Author

Here you can input the model's author name or check the checkbox if you are the author. This is a required information, the Upload button will be disabled unless you enter an author name or check the checkbox.


Here you can select the license for your model. Only one of the two options can be selected at the same time.

Upload Button

Above the upload button you will find 3 checkboxes that enable or disable different aspects of the Animate Anything process. The first checkbox will grant us permission to use this model for training and/or testing our processing systems, and related usages. The second checkbox is mandatory to check before the Upload button becomes enabled. The last checkbox will add a default behaviour to your model upon importing to the Unreal Engine project if you tick it.

Once the button is pressed, the model will be submitted to our servers and will start processing to get it animated. Note that processed models will appear in My World panel, under the User Processed tab.

Processing the model

Once the model has been submitted, a notification will pop up in the editor indicating that the model is being processed. Multiple models can be processed at the same time, each with its corresponding notification. The notification will remain until the model has finished processing or the system encounters an error. When successfully processed, a new browser window will appear with the processed model elements (Blueprint, meshes, textures, etc.).

Texture support

In order to support textures in your models, we require an additional plugin to be enabled in your project, the GLTF Exporter plugin.

For Unreal Engine 5.0 you may find this plugin free in the unreal marketplace https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/gltf-exporter. For versions 5.1 and above, the plugin is shipped with the engine.

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