Frequently asked questions about Anything World

How does API billing work?

You will have a monthly free API call limit depending on the tier. This limit includes all requests made from the model browser in editor (eg. clicking on a model and bringing it into the scene in Unity) and during the runtime of the project (eg. calling a model through the scripting API in engine, making a request directly to our API).
You will be notified via email when you are 100 requests away from reaching your free allowance in the month, after the free requests have been reached the API calls will be paid on a per request basis.
For more information on tiers and to calculate usage fees visit our website.

What platforms do you support?

Anything World works on any device capable of WebGL rendering, that is all modern web browsers.
For developers, we provide integration guidelines & SDKs for integrating Anything World into the web and Unity.

Can I add custom models?

We're working towards opening Anything World for 3D model submission from the community.
We're open to discussing custom content with select partners! Reach us at [email protected].

I have a feature request or found a problem!

You can reach us via [email protected] or connect with the community on Discord and we'll help out!